The Wolf Among Us by Zarnala

All of Stan Lee’s Marvel film cameos 

amy pond + the eleventh hour

Emmy Magazine (April 2013): Elementary’s Lucy Liu

Paramore - Ain't It Fun
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Paramore - Ain’t It Fun



This is the cutest thing I’ve seen ever

He totally thought wednesday could lift him i’m dead


Hannibal: Mukozuke + avarice, hanging, self-destruction [x]

"Avarice and hanging are linked in the ancient and the medieval mind: St. Jerome writes that Judas’ very surname, Iscariot means ‘money’ or ‘price’, while Father Origen says Iscariot is derived from the Hebrew ‘from suffocation’ and that his name means ‘Judas the Suffocated… "

Dr. Lecter resumed his podium voice. “Avarice and hanging, then, linked since antiquity, the image appearing again and again in art.”

Io fei gibetto a me de le mie case. I make my own home be my gallows.

You look a bit evil.



Granada ♦ Warner Bros ♦ BBC

it looks like they are evolving into younger versions of them self